1. Presentation of project

Upon the presentation of a new business opportunity, our team works closely together with the client to discover how we may be of serve and/or add value to the project. Right with the first brainstorming session with the client, we can often already visualize many of the steps to be taken to allow for an effective product launch in the applicable market(s).

Having determined the nature of the client's product and the market(s) to which it wished to expand/launch, and having outlined the initial steps we may take for our involvement therein, we can draft the team of specialists that is the best fit for the challenge on hand. The technical expertise carried by HSD Associates may be called upon here as well.

Upon selecting the specialists that are to work on the project, the next step is to conduct theoretical and practical (market) research. The first step herein is to explore the market with the client wishes to penetrate, in combination with a thorough analyses of potential competitors. Research to existing patents and other intellectual properties which are to be taken into account in future steps is included in this phase as well. Practicality, applicability and goal-orientation are of the biggest importance in this phase.

Having gathered the information required, both theoretical and practical, the team starts (often in collaboration with the client) starts formulating the business plan that is considered the best fit for the situation. Resulting, an elaborate plan is drawn up which can be put to practice right away.

When the overall plan is finalized, the team presents this to the client's management team. The conclusions from the research and the practical recommendations that come forth from it are presented in the most practical manner.

Having concluded on the most appropriate planning, the plan is put to practice. In this phase, the product/service is developed (with/without HSD's involvement), and is prepared for launching on the market.

When all developments and preparations have been completed, it is time for the actual market introduction of the product or service that has been developed. As this is the most critical step in the proecss, all activities in this phase are perfomed in close collaboration with the client and other parties involved. planning and anticipation are of key importance for a successful launch.

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