By its participation in Innobizzer B.V., Seahorse Associates B.V. (SAS) has acquired a share in the coffee company Scaffee B.V.

Scaffee has worked for years to achieve the optimum in single serve coffee. This resulted in patented technology that creates a far more effective pad that can be used in any type of Senseo or other pad device.

The sealing on top of this Scaffee pad enforces a mainly horizontal extraction, which leads to an optimised use of the ground coffee inside the pad. Furthermore it extends the shelf life and generates more aroma whilst making coffee.

Scaffee’s sealed coffee pad

Scaffee pads also outperform all other single serve methods on environmental issues by introducing a completely compostable pad (in contrast to coffee pads that are currently being sold).

Scaffee’s products and pad production methods are currently being presented to organizations in various points in the coffee production to retail chain, including manufacturers of single serve machines.

Thanks to its patented extraction and fluid flow method, Scaffee opens up a whole new world full of opportunities for single serve coffee with a superior quality. From this, Scaffee pads will soon become the new global standard in high-quality single serve coffee.

Please refer to the Scaffee Website for more information on the new coffee company Scaffee B.V.