Answering to the growing global demand for sustainable and renewable products, and for the development of environmentally friendly process solutions to both consumer and industrial problems, SAS presents a new organization named Advanced Industrial Processes B.V., operating under the name AIP Associates.

The launch of AIP comes forth from SAS’ activities in the field of green chemistry and the processing of polymer-based products. With the presentation of this new entity, SAS has managed to combine the experience of and capabilities of industry experts in the various industries of operation under a single roof, allowing AIP to work on versatile projects from its very beginning.

AIP’s business will be divided into two main business units. The first business unit herein (AIP Arpocore™) focuses on the processing of polymer-based products, in which the initial emphasis lays on the processing of aramid polymer powder for engineering plastics, elastomers, and coating applications. The second business unit (AIP Research) focuses on the development of innovative chemical process solutions and unique products (green-chemistry based); all aimed at making the world a better place.

With its versatile staff, AIP Associates combines decades of experience in the development of a wide variety of chemical processes and unique aramid polymer-based products into one organization. With its innovative mindset, the organization will optimally utilize the synergy between both innovative business units in all of its endeavors.

For more information on AIP’s activities and product please visit AIP Associates’ website: