What Do We Do

With a wide international network, and being member of esteemed and exclusive international business networks, SAS is often involved in international trading projects.

Due to the versatile nature of the trading opportunities that are presented to us, or that we involve ourselves in, these projects are mainly are a initiated on a case-by-case basis.

With the experience we carry in international business, our team carries the experience required to react directly to each opportunity presented, and to arrange all aspects require to formulate a successful deal accordingly.


Quick anticipation
Hands-on mentality
Legal & commercial support
Financial solutions
Flexible service
Import & export management

Our Dedicated Approach

Because international trading opportunities often know a narrow time frame, these require a hands-on approach. Therefore, our organization is structured to allow such quick anticipation of an opportunity that has shown itself.

Right upon the presentation of an opportunity, our team evaluates the matter on hand from a business perspective. Here, all apsects such as export/import regulations, legal challenges and requried investments are weighed agains the financial value held by the opportunity.

When the conclusions from these considerations are sufficiently beneficial, we get to work on approaching the market and utilizing our international networks to make the deal possible.

  • Contract development (legal & commercial requirements)
  • mutual reassurance for payments
  • L/C, different business
  • export
Legal analyses
Contract development
Financial security
Import/export management
Value generation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Presentation of opportunity

Upon the presentation of a new trading opportunity, our team immediately starts analysing the opportunities, challenges and the value that can be generated. Through brainstorming and initial research, we can create the picture of the value to be generated and the capacities it required. Along with this first step, we can often already visualize many of the actions to be taken to allow for the effective handling of the opportunity.

Having generated the initial image of the opportunity that has presented itself, it is time to conduct deeper research that allows to weigh the risks and challenges to the value that can be generated. This process allows us to make the "go" or "no-go" decision for further the further investments required.

When we have decided to give the project a "go", we start devoting the internal capacity to the project. In this phase, we generate all data required for making a successful transaction or re-generating business. With this, we can draw up the dedicated plan for the project, from which we can also decide on the commercial/technical approach to take and (if applicable) the network(s) to utilize for the opportunity.

After we have finalized the plan for the opportunity, and having determined the network(s) we may utilize for the next phases, we start presenting the opportunity to these parties accrodingly. Our main priority in this phase is to enable our team or the network parties to perform their tasks and actions (finding market traction, creating the business collaboration), for which the provision of the right technincal and commercial information is of key importance.

After we have launched the opportunity to market parties, or when our network(s) have done so accordingly, and market parties have indicated their interest in this opportunity, we start the negotiation towards a suitable contract. In this phase, all important items are handled, such as financial security requirements (e.g. letter of credit or other guarantees), import/export regulations and the development of contracts.

When all terms and conditions are finalized in a manner that are suitable to all parties involved, the formal collaboration/deal can be set in motion. This can both be a one-time deal, or the foundation for a re-generating business model.

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