1. Presentation of project

Upon the presentation of a new business challenge, our team works closely together with the client to discover the business and its challenges. This allows to determine the nature of the organization and industry, and to start outlining the initial steps of our approach.

Having determined the nature of client's endeavours and challenges, and having outlined the initial steps we may take for a solution, we can draft the team of specialists that is the best fit for the challenge on hand.

Upon selecting the specialists that are to work on the project, the next step is to conduct theoretical and practical research. At the very beginning, an applicable and comprehensive theoretical framework is to be developed which will be the result from extensive secondary research processes. After this, the collection of practical data can be initiated, mostly from within the organization. Practicality, applicability and goal-orientation are of the biggest importanece in this phase.

Having gathered the information required, theoretical and practical, the team starts running the analyses required to formulate the solution to the case presented. From this, an elaborate plan is drawn up which can be put to practice right away.

When the overall plan is finalized, the team presents this to the client's management team. The conclusions from the research and the practical recommendations that come forth from it are presented in the most practical manner.

Together with the client's management team, SAS' team of specialists (to the extent their expertise is requried) works on the implementation of the practical solutions into the organization.

After implementation of the plans, the team of SAS evaluates the solutions implemented with the client. Only when the desired outcomes have been reached, the project will be closed and SAS' involvement with the client's organization will be stopped.

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