Cooperation in all fields of doing business

Cooperation and collaboration are keen in doing international business. All companies encounter challenges in purchasing parts, technologies and services, and in executing logistical, training and any other activities. Interpreting this knowledge into the services offered by us, we are capable of delivering the highest possible return for every challenge.

Understanding the importance of collaboration and cooperation is the main reason we have interpreted associates into our brand name and activities. Therefore, Seahorse Associates is always active in further development and improvement of their international network.

Any new product or new development?

Meet Seahorse Associates’ team members. Each and every one of these professionals bring all of their knowledge and skills to your product or project. Please ask for our specialists in the field of technological, marketing & sales, financial, logistics solutions, contract matters or in the all-round range of doing business.


Sea-horse Associates’ CEO is Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business International and maintain policy with highly priority for the “code of ethics” and compliance with the Institute’s standards of professional conduct.

Go to the website of the Institute for Independent Business – IIB for more information.

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