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    REGS Safety for vehicles plunging in water

    REGS, motives for development:

    REGS, short for Rescue Escape Guidance System, is the lifesaving gamechanger that has been specifically developed for instances where automobiles plunge into water. Accidents by which vehicles end up in water are every driver’s worst nightmare, and such accidents occur several thousand times over the course of every year.

    Research has shown, that the electrical systems of windows and doors often malfunction within seconds after these systems come into contact with water. Less known is that, even if the systems keep working, there is still no guarantee that windows and doors actually can be opened.

    The fact that in cases where automobiles plunge into water the windows will be the only exit route has been confirmed by the practice and industry experts. However, as mentioned earlier, these exit routes can too often not be used due to electrical and mechanical malfunctioning. Also, the other solutions of life hammers can too often not be applied to good effect.

    The serious problems herewith presented result in a shocking amount of casualties, of which fatalities could have been prevented when the victims would have been able to escape the vehicle.

    These appalling facts have been the driving force behind the development of the REGS Safety solutions.

    REGS, the technology:

    REGS is an automated system which consists of water detection sensors and several activators for crashing the windows. These sensors are situated inside the vehicle, together with devices which measure the actual position in which the vehicle is in the water because this information plays a leading role in selecting the fastest and safest exit from the vehicle. Based upon this information, REGS first only crashes the upper-side windows, followed by which also the other windows will be crashed based on a fixed delay time.

    Because of the type of sensors and its positioning, it can be guaranteed that the system will only be activated when the inner space gets filled to a certain level. Also, technology to guarantee the functioning of the system in case of upside down landing of the vehicle has been integrated.

    The REGS team is open for a license based corporation with both the OEM and the aftermarket car service companies.

    Please refer to the REGS One pager (English), the REGS Brochure (Dutch) and the REGS Website for more information on the REGS system.

    In case there are any please do not hesitate to contact us.