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    The Seahorse Associates team, member of HSD, can be your solution provider when taking over a business, merging activities or selling your company.


    Short Scan

    The scan is intended to determine whether you and your company are sufficiently prepared on a purchase; in terms of results, in terms of organization and finance. We valuate your expectations with the targeted acquisition and one by one discuss your arguments of presumed benefits. Obviously we form an opinion on the desirability of the planned acquisition, together with appropriate conditions. We complete the scan with a clear report.

    Further analysis of the available information

    Assessment of the NDA to be signed.

    To obtain the information, including the information memorandum, a confidentiality agreement (Non Disclosure Agreement) will be necessary.  We discuss where you are supposed to sign for and will purpose amendments if necessary.

    We will analyse which third parties will have an interest in the target as well as their strategy. We as well assess possible alternatives for the acquisition target, like any other (potentially) available company, but also the alternative of organic growth.

    Explore the range

    Key is to determine as precisely as possible what you can earn with this acquisition.

    Together, we will go through projections after taking over, stand alone and after combining with your own company.

    This document forms the basis for  further steps, provided that an acquisition will still be feasible.

    Negotiation phase

    Negotiating the possible acquisition requires specific  experience and constant objectification. We control the process and know the do’s and don’ts of negotiating. We feel what needs to be said and done in order to come to optimal results.

    Letter of Intent (LOI)

    We can deliver the binding agreements, if necessary preceded by a Letter of Intent (LOI).

    Contrary to what the name suggests, an LOI can already contain binding elements or even a full agreement.

    We care, when possible, for the proper recording of agreements; we prefer being in charge.

    We assist you when people should be informed within your company.

    Due Diligence

    All Issued information will be checked for completeness (is all reasonably relevant information actually provided) and for accuracy.

    Financial Due Diligence is usually done by an external auditor.

    It contains accuracy and completeness of historical financial results, financial condition and gives backgrounds on the financial projections.

    A Legal Due Diligence includes the assessment of all legal documents such as contracts, intellectual property rights, labor contracts- and conditions, environmental, fiscal position and the level of regulatory compliance in general.

    Particular attention is paid to “change of control” triggers in contracts.

    We will make sure that this process runs smoothly.

    The settlement of the purchase / sale agreement: “the closure”.

    Also at the closing, we are at your service.

    We supervise the preparation of the appropriate documents.

    Fee Structure

    Upfront fee for the first scan.

    The amount of the upfront fee is dependent on the quality of information, available and the investment in time that will be required for an adequate initial advice. You always know in advance what you can expect from us.

    The quality of the preparation is decisive for the course of the process. To this we will not compromise.

    If the desirability of the proposed acquisition and the price range sufficiently have been determined, there is the possibility  to proceed on a basis of no cure no pay.

    Delivering this is customization, but will of course be clear beforehand.